Meeting Notes
Sunday 4th December, 2016

-Christmas Party; happening on the 23rd of December at 10PM GMT. Apologies to all who can’t attend. We want to include you as much as possible, so if you have any ideas for the Xmas Party, please speak to Ads913. Prizes this year include £20 Steam Vouchers & CoD Infinity Packs.

-Christmas Cosplay Contest; we’re still going ahead with this. Dress up as your favourite game/tv/movie character on the 23rd, and submit photo proof, for your chance to win £50!

-Teamspeak; we’d like to encourage more people to use our Teamspeak Server, as over the past few months we’ve seen a steady decline. We understand that real life can intervene, but we still want to see and speak to you guys!

Furthermore, we want to hear from you guys. If there’s anything you think we can improve on our Teamspeak, please speak to Ads913, Andarne, Temujin, BadCRC or Munro22.

Also, we are toying with the idea on monthly gaming events. We are looking at polling our community on what games they’d like to play, then focusing game nights and events on that game over the course of a month. This plan is in its infancy, so it will not likely happen until 2017.

We’d also like to remind everybody that each OCB member on Teamspeak has the power to create temporary channels anywhere. This includes personal channels, gaming channels and streaming channels. Simply right-click the parent channel, select ‘Create Temporary Channel’ and fill in the info. Keep in mind that these channels will be automatically deleted by the server when empty.

-Etiquette; we’d like to encourage more people to be considerate of their fellow gamers on Teamspeak, as well as their fellows within the games that we play. To that end, we would like to remind everybody not to talk over others in Teamspeak intentionally or obstructively. Furthermore, we’d like to reinforce our position on people using Push-to-Talk in the Teamspeak. Please use this feature, located in the Settings menu, and prevent unnecessary background noise.

Furthermore, when you wear the OCB tags in-game or on your Steam Account, you represent the clan. As such, your actions reflect on us. Please be considerate of this when playing games. Negative behaviour shows us in a negative light. Please refrain from tantrums in-game, calling out players, or other forms of bad sportsmanship.

-Telegram; if you're still not in the OCB Telegram group, please message Andarne with your Telegram username to be added.

-Recruitment; if you play with anybody outside of OCB, please feel free to bring them onto our Teamspeak. We’d love to have them join, too, if they so wish. If they need a place to VOIP, feel free to invite them to our server.

-OCB Turns Ten; 2017 marks the 10th birthday of Owld Crabbit Bastarts, after being founded in early 2007 by goo_ and Moph. We’re looking on celebrating this event with a night of revelry and mayhem. Details will follow soon.